Crochet Christmas tree free pattern

I’m totally Christmas freak and I hope you’re as crazy about Christmas season as I am. In case you’d like to check how I like my home to be decorated I’ve written down a quick-to-make pattern for the little Christmas trees. I usually start decorating my home as early as possible but also trying not to begin before Thanksgiving Day, so I guess it’s perfect time to publish this cute pattern for you. Let me know what you think about it.

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Ok! Let’s get started!

– worsted weight yarn
– DK weight yarn
– 3,5mm crochet hook
– 2mm crochet hook
– stitch markers
– glass beads
– needle
– thread
– scissors
– yarn needle
– stuffing

sc – single crochet
sl st – slip stitch
mc – magic circle/ring
inc – increase (single crochet increase = two stitches in one stitch)
st(s) – stitch(es)

Large tree:
R1: sc x 4 in mc (4)
R2: inc x 4 (8)
R3-5: sc x 8 (8)
R6: [sc, inc] x 4 (12)
R7-9: sc x 12 (12)
R10: [sc, inc, sc] x 4 (16)
R11-13: sc x 16 (16)
R14: [sc x 3, inc] x 4 (20)
R15-17: sc x 20 (20)
R18: [sc x 2, inc, sc x 2] x 4 (24)
R19-21: sc x 24 (24)
R22: [sc x 5, inc] x 4 (28)
R23-25: sc x 28 (28)
R26: [sc x 3, inc, sc x 3] x 4 (32)
R27-29: sc x 32 (32)
fasten off

Small tree:
R1: sc x 4 in mc (4)
R2: inc x 4 (8)
R3-4: sc x 8 (8)
R5: [sc, inc] x 4 (12)
R6-7: sc x 12 (12)
R8: [sc, inc, sc] x 4 (16)
R9-10: sc x 16 (16)
R11: [sc x 3, inc] x 4 (20)
R12-13: sc x 20 (20)
R14: [sc x 2, inc, sc x 2] x 4 (24)
R15-16: sc x 24 (24)
R17: [sc x 5, inc] x 4 (28)
R18-19: sc x 28 (28)
R20: [sc x 3, inc, sc x 3] x 4 (32)
R21: sc x 32 (32)
fasten off

*make two*
R1: sc x 8 in mc (8)
R2: inc x 8 (16)
R3: [sc, inc] x 8 (24)
R4: [sc, inc, sc] x 8 (32)
fasten off

*make two*
(with sport yarn, using 2mm hook)
R1: sc x 5 in mc, sl st
R2: [ch 4, sl st in 2nd ch from a hook, sc, dc, sl st in next st] x 5
fasten off

1. Stuff firmly.
2. Sew bottoms together with Christmas trees.
3. Decorate with glass beads.
4. Attach stars on tops.


I hope you’ll enjoy making this beautiful Christmas decorations and I’m more than excited to see your versions (you can tag me on your makes @moroshky and #moroshky on Instagram).

Please be respectful and do not sell or distribute this pattern in any way, especially as your own. Instead, share the original blog post link! You can sell finished products made from this pattern by giving credit to Moroshky as the pattern designer and linking to the blog post.

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