Hi everyone!

I’m Joanna and am the one behind all that creative madness here.

When I’ve started this blog I thought about writing more lifestyle related content with a little bit of diy posts, but then the crochet thing started and has totally taken over my life. I’ve started learning, creating and finally designing with such speed that when I became brave enough to write down my first pattern ever I’ve decided that this blog will be a perfect place to share my new passion with others.

How it started

I’ve always been a crafty one. From sewing the dresses for dolls through jewellery making to wood craving, you know, all kinds of DIY projects make me feel wild. I’ve even learnt to knit a little, but crocheting… Jeeez it’s been a really big pain in my ass. I can’t remember how many times I’ve thrown a hook against the wall, but the struggle was real. I’ve given up for long time.

Then the year 2018 came. And with it came a huge and terrifying meltdown. I was a mess.

But with an Autumn came help. Actually it was a simple crochet kit that my mom’s colleague gave away and my mom thought I could try again. So I did try and completely fell in love. I couldn’t believe it was so easy, like I’ve been doing this all my life – such a surprise when everything in my life was going so wrong, this one was feeling so right. I literally picked up a crochet hook and the next day my first brallet was ready to wear. I was so happy, I couldn’t stop making new things.

Crochet’s become my everyday therapy…

…and helped me go through my darkest times. Now as I’m quickly moving forward and have a chance of reach out to other people through this blog or social media I want to inspire your inner artists and cherish the joy of making beautiful things. Maybe someday my work will be a motivation and inspiration for someone to start their own therapy and fight through that worse moments in their life as it’s calming and relaxing (believe me – stitch counting can remove almost all thoughts from your head and doing something mechanically might help with anxiety). Also connecting with crafting community is worth every effort you made while learning how to single crochet, increase or fpdc*. Yarn people are just pure love!






* fpdc – front post double crochet [yarn over, insert your hook behind a post you want to crochet around, yarn over and pull through, now you have three loops on your hook, proceed as normal with a double crochet]