Hi everyone!

I’m Joanna and am the one behind all that happen here.

When I’ve started this blog I thought about writing more lifestyle related content with a little bit of diy posts, but then the knitting and crochet magic happened and have totally taken over my life. I’ve started learning, creating and finally designing with such speed that when I became brave enough to write down my first pattern ever I’ve decided that this blog will be a perfect place to share my new passion with others.

How it started

I’ve always been a crafty one. From sewing the dresses for dolls through jewellery and candles making to wood craving, you know, all kinds of DIY projects turn me on. I’ve even learnt to knit a little in primary school, but crocheting… Jeeez it’s been a really big pain in my ass. I can’t remember how many times I’ve thrown a hook against the wall, but the struggle was real. I’ve given up for long time.

Then the year 2018 came. And somehow it’s just clicked. In one moment I’ve got all that things I was struggling with together and finally understood what I couldn’t understand before. The magic of crocheting has happened. I literally picked up a crochet hook and the next day my first brallet was ready to wear. I was so happy, I couldn’t stop making new things.

Crochet’s become my everyday friend…

…and sometimes even a mind-calming tool. Now as I have a chance to reach out to other people through this blog or social media I want to inspire your inner artists and cherish the joy of making beautiful things. I hope that you all will have so much fun working with my designs!